9 Best Travel Apps for Android and iPhone

In today’s connected world, it is easy to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Whether for professional or leisure pursuits, you can be rest assured that there is an app from which you can derive immense benefit. This is true even when it comes to leisure or business travel as there are a number of apps that have brewed a much-welcome revolution for travel suppliers and travellers alike. For the traveller, the apps represent unmatched convenience, choice, control, and savings. To help you narrow your options from the thousands of available options among trending travel apps in 2019, we give you a list of 9 of the best travel apps.

1. JauntFix

JauntFix is one of the most trending travel apps in 2019 owing to its feature-rich design. The social travel app brings travel suppliers and shoppers together on aversatile platform. Travellers can not only search for and close deals on the platform but also share their experiences for the benefit of other shoppers. It is a haven for fresh holiday ideas and deals. Check out the app to discover how JauntFix is useful for travel suppliers and travellers.



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2. Airbnb

Another chat-topper when it comes to the best travel apps is Airbnb. Travel can browse and book unique travel experiences, vacation homes, and check out popular destinations. It is platform that brings travellers and hosts together in an ingenious and mutual beneficial design.  Whether you want some last minute bookings or long-term rentals, Airbnb is one of the best.


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3. Google Trips

Google trips helps you organize all your travel essential info and making it available on and offline. It automatically collects your travel information such as travel reservations complete with elements such as plans, things to do, as well as suggestions on food and drink, among others. You can see everything at a glance from your fight and hotel info to restaurant bookings and nearby attractions.


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4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is another all-in-one travel app that features flights, hotels, and car rentals. It allows travellers to search, compare, and book cheap flights and other services anywhere in the world. The app is only available for iOS devices and used by millions of travellers around the world.

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5. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is another feature-rich travel app that is trending in 2019. It offers recommendations and advice directly from experts to help you with your travel arrangements. It’s a social travel app that allows you share your experiences as well as follow other travellers and experts. Travellers can access reviews to gauge the quality of services of experiences as well as compare different options. Whether flights, hotels, restaurants, attractions, or answers to your questions, TripAdvisor has got you covered.


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Available for download on iOS and Android, KAYAK’s motto is ‘The world in your pocket’. It gives you access to mobile-only deals, allows you to reach hundreds of travel apps in a click, as well as check out your travel details on the go. KAYAK gives you an abundance of options as well as constant updates on the pertinent aspects of your travel arrangements and available deals.


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7. Google Maps

Google Maps app is a necessity for travellers as it allows them to navigate like locals. The app enables you to discover places and travel faster with navigation and real-time updates. Get richer experiences with easy discovery of places such as restaurants, events, and other interesting activities. You can plan as a group in real-time, follow places of interest, beat traffic, and catch various modes of transport. It is the go-to app for real-time GPS navigation.


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8. Uber

Uber is a great app for ride-sharing which gives you access to fast and reliable rides anywhere in the world. You can book exclusive transport or go for ride sharing for your commute or that dash to the airport. The app uses location services to easily find where you are. You can pay through the app as well as rate the experience you receive from each driver.


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9. AccuWeather™

AccuWeather is a trending weather updates app that uses AccuWeatherMinuteCast®, a top precipitation forecast that uses your precise location. It can be synchronized across all your devices including tablets and Android Wear. You get real-time updates including alerts for severe weather, weather forecasts, detailed daily temperatures, and 15-day forecasts, among others. 


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Bon Voyage!

Apps such the ones listed in this article have transformed the experiences travellers get. They give you the ultimate in convenience, crucial information at your fingertips, savings, new experiences, easy navigation, and a way to plan and organize your itinerary and travel essentials. You can also be part of a global travel community, share your experiences, tap into those of other travellers, and follow interesting developments and information closely. Travel suppliers also stand to gain immensely from the best travel apps such as JauntFix which connect them to a community of travellers, the travel industry at large, and allow for pin-point marketing and ready market intelligence.
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