How JauntFix Can Help The Travel Industry

The travel business is very competitive these days, people have more than ample choices of travel agencies, tour guides and airlines to choose from. With mammoth travel business companies that provide all the services ranging from airline tickets, travel packages to hotels, it has become very difficult for the small and mid-sized travel agents, tour operators, travel suppliers and tour guides to standout and have a successful business operation. Due, to this they incur losses, which is very demotivating, they need a way to reach out to the people and provide their services in the best way possible. Here’s where JauntFix steps in, this Social Travel App was designed specifically to let the travel agents, tour operators to reach out to the travelers and vice-versa. All you need to do is create a profile on the application as a supplier or traveler. If you are a tour operator or a travel agent then your needs to have an apt description of the services that you provide, luckily with JauntFix you can even furnish your profile with pictures that makes your profile look much more visually appealing to the travelers.
JauntFix is a Social Travel App that caters to all portions of industry and society in as far as their travel and holiday prerequisites are concerned. Its interfaces travel suppliers and purchasers on a typical marketplace that is liberated from the stronghold that middlemen have on this industry. The app gives travel suppliers, travelers, an exceptional chance to associate, develop their businesses and also find concealed chances.

Jauntfix As A Necessity For The Travel Agents And Tour Operators

It is without a doubt that the travel industry is one of the biggest revenue generating industries in a nation. The travel industry is the soul of most economies on the planet as it gives the necessary outside exchange to keep the wheels of the separate economies moving as well as give occupations to innumerable individuals. Almost all global economies are constantly looking for ways to improve their images to attract the ever-increasing numbers or travelers across the world seeking adventure, introduction, and a breath of natural air. Players in the travel industry increasingly have lucrative chances to develop their businesses and attain their targets. JauntFix is the best tool for the all travel agents seeking to expand their businesses and reach out to the world. JauntFix is a platform for everyone in the travel industry, it holds a special place for small and mid-sized Travel Agents and Tour operators. Here a few salient features and points how JauntFix can assist them:

1. Technological Advanced

In a rapidly ever advancing modern global world, the industry and tourism sector has also seen technological advancements. Traditional strategies for conducting business are all however a thing of the past as the need to adapt turns out to be always imperative. The travel industry has seen the passage of huge numbers of companies and organizations, a scenario that has viably increased the opposition and transformed it into a place of cutthroat competition. The arrival of platforms, for example, JauntFix has changed the entire ball-game to engage industry players, as they are provided a vast multitude of features and an endless sea of opportunities. An ongoing groundbreaking introduction to the industry, there is a much that most travel and hospitality industry companies can benefit from JauntFix and us it to their benefit.

2. Have An Edge Over Your Competitors

Rivalry is firm in the travel industry as various players battle for the top spot in a domain characterized by a seasonal business. What makes everything much progressively desolate is the imposing business model that has been practiced by large aggregators for quite a while. Platforms, for example, JauntFix present an exceptional open door for travel agents to wriggle liberated from the stranglehold that has been for some time practiced by huge aggregators. This means the opportunity to negotiate deals and set your own rates and an open way to all kinds of travel items that are inspired by a situation of free access to market intelligence, ready networking, and direct access to travelers and travel suppliers. As is commonly said, information is force and JauntFix places you smack at the focal point of all pertinent activity.

3. Find Worldwide Travel Suppliers or Travellers

Find traveler or travel suppliers for any destination at JauntFix app. You can set preferences, for example while looking for travelers you can select the country that you want to target in the search option, you can follow travelers and even contact them directly via JauntFix. In the same manner it will be easier for Travelers to reach out to you as they can even select the travel suppliers nearby to their location or they can search or look up a particular activity that they are interested in, view the profile of the supplier and choose what they feel is the best for them.

Advantages of JauntFix App

There is a large group of other advantages that travel agents stand from making the transition to JauntFix. It will be a completely new and amazing experience and will change the way of running the business operations.

1. Cut Down On Your Expenditure
With no periodical payments and free download as a mobile application JauntFix gets off on the right foot. It is completely free for entire travel industry, for example, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Travel Suppliers, Hoteliers, Airlines, and Tour Guides, etc. This significantly brings down the expenses associated with all marketing initiatives. The platform gives you the best of the two universes as it eliminates the expenses associated with client acquisition while helping spread the client's wings across the world as an established partner for all sizes of customers and possibilities.

2. Opens A Sea of Opportunities

With JauntFix you are enabled to provide your services to everyone around the globe. You don’t have to in constraints, travelers from anywhere around the globe can use your services. Create your profile so that it is very catchy and visually appealing, that impresses anyone who views it. You can connect with travelers, and even other travel agents and tour operators and have a look into the kind of services they are providing and you can learn from the overall experience and improve the way of running your travel operations.

3. All-in-One Platform

JauntFix is an all-in-one platform that caters to all the necessities of travel agents of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether it is connecting with travel suppliers, savings, building enduring systems, and getting travelers onboard with your programs, JauntFix is an all-ground-breaking platform intended to get players, for example, Travel Agents to the top. What's more, our app is continuously going through upgrades to stay up with changing occasions and increasing client demands.

Travel Agents stand to profit tremendously from the ability to adapt to changing occasions. While a strong relationship with a major aggregator may have been heaven in a brief time ago, travel agents deserving at least moderate respect appreciate the limitations inherent in the scenario and the need to break liberated from imposing business models. JauntFix is a social travel app that is allowed to download. In the event that you are an owner of a small business, JauntFix is structured only for you. Talk to our specialists to find all the solutions to your inquiries by filling out our Contact Form on contact page.