How JauntFix Helps Small Travel Agents to Grow

Most countries record tourism as one of the biggest industries and for good reason. Tourism is the lifeblood of most economies in the world as it provides the necessary foreign exchange to keep the wheels of the respective economies moving as well as provide jobs for countless people. Almost all global economies are constantly looking for ways to improve their images and offings to attract the ever-increasing numbers or travelers across the world seeking adventure, exposure, and a breath of fresh air. Players in the travel industry increasingly have lucrative opportunities to grow their businesses and attain their objectives. JauntFix is the lifeblood to all travel agents seeking to expand their businesses and touch the world. Although JauntFix is a platform the represents a boon for all travel industry players, it holds a special place for Travel Agents. Here are some of the ways in which the Social Travel App helps travel agents attain their objectives.

The world of travel agents hasn’t been left unscathed by developments on various fronts especially technology. Traditional methods of conducting business are all but a thing of the past as the need to adapt becomes ever more imperative. The travel industry has seen the entry of multitudes of players, a scenario that has effectively heightened the competition and turned it into a dog-eat-god affair. The arrival of platforms such as JauntFix has changed the whole ball-game to empower industry players such as agents to consolidate their business and strive for unbridled growth. A recent groundbreaking introduction to the industry, there is a lot most travel and holiday industry players have to learn about the power of JauntFIx. In this piece, we explore some of the notable ways in which the app helps small travel agents to realize their growth objectives. Let’s dig in.

What is JauntFix?

JauntFix is a Social Travel App that caters to all segments of industry and society in as far as their travel and holiday requirements are concerned. It connects travel product suppliers and buyers on a common marketplace that is free from the stranglehold that big aggregators have had on the industry for a long time. The app gives travel product suppliers, travelers, as well as middle-men and other players a unique opportunity to connect, grow their businesses and also discover hidden opportunities.

Render a Competitive Edge

Competition is stiff in the travel industry as different players battle for the top spot in an environment characterized by a seasonal business. What makes everything even more gloomy is the monopoly that has been exercised by big aggregators for a long time. Platforms such as JauntFix present a unique opportunity for travel agents to wriggle free of the stranglehold that has been long exercised by big aggregators. This means the freedom to negotiate deals and set your own rates and an open door to all kinds of travel products that are inspired by an environment of unfettered access to market intelligence, ready networking, and direct access to travelers and travel product vendors. As they say, information is power and JauntFix places you smack at the center of all pertinent activity.

Digital Marketing Initiatives

Small Travel Agents and other new entrants have always found it difficult to go toe-to-toe with industry veterans when it comes to competing for the market. This is especially true when it comes to initiatives such as Digital Marketing which is often beyond the means of most travel agents. Instead of trying to outmuscle traditional giants in an industry that rely on big aggregators, JauntFix gives travel agents a unique opportunity to build their own networks and drive profitability.
Other Advantages

There is a host of other benefits that travel agents stand to enjoy from making the transition to JauntFix. These include but are not necessarily restricted to:

1. Savings

JauntFix is not only free to download, but it also doesn’t require any regular periodic payments to any aggregators. It is free for all small travel industry suppliers such as Travel Agents, operators, guides, Hoteliers, facilitators, and transporters. This significantly brings down the costs associated with all marketing initiatives. The platform gives you the best of both worlds as it cuts down on the costs associated with customer acquisition while helping spread the customer’s wings across the world as an established partner for all sizes of clients and prospects.

2. Convenience

JauntFix helps you break down geographical boundaries by providing direct access to the world. It doesn't matter where the travel agent is located as they can reach out and strike partnerships with ease on JauntFix. In the absence of a monopoly set up such as has obtained from time immemorial, there are limitless opportunities to not only establish your business as a travel agent but also reclaim control of your costing and other pertinent issues.

3. All-in-One Platform

JauntFix is a all-in-one platform that caters to all the needs of travel agents of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is connecting with travel product vendors, savings, building enduring networks, and getting travelers onboard with your programs, JauntFix is an all-powerful platform designed to get players such as Travel Agents to the top. What’s more, our app is continuously going through upgrades to keep pace with changing times and increasing customer demands.
Last Word

Travel Agents stand to benefit immensely from the ability to adapt to changing times. While a solid relationship with a big aggregator may have been heaven in a short while ago, travel agents worth their salt appreciate the restrictions inherent in the scenario and the need to break free from monopolies. JauntFix is a social travel app that is free to download. If you are an owner of a small business, JaunFix is designed just for you. Talk to our product experts to get all the answers to your questions by filling out our Contact Form on contact page.

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