The Road Ahead for JauntFix Travel App

It’s all systems go for JauntFix as the social travel app picks up steam and makes inroads across the world. A lot of painstaking work has gone into research and development with the aim of giving rise to a platform that will appeal to travel product suppliers and buyers alike. While the app is receiving rave reviews from users, the JauntFix team is still working on improving the functionality of the app through fixing bugs and leveraging user suggestions. This means that we plan on taking the app forward as a user-driven platform that seeks to meet user’s ever-increasing and changing demands. There are a number of measures that have already been put in place to make this approach a reality. In this piece, we Explore the Road Ahead for JauntFix Travel App. Read on.

A User-Driven Experience

As mentioned before, the JauntFix team is depending on user experiences to help drive the further development of the app so it can meet their every need. All new features that will be added to the app will the product of user feedback on how the app can be transformed to meet and exceed their expectations. To this end, multiple channels have been established to capture such feedback and suggestions and put the information at the disposal of the research and development team at JauntFix.

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Our Road Map

1. The Road ahead for JauntFix as it pertains to the development of new features is laid out in our Road Map. Apart from laying bare the road traveled thus far, the page also offers users the opportunity to relay their sentiments to the development team. Apart from the website Road Map, users can also take advantage of the in-app version which serves pretty much the same purpose. You can submit your suggestions in the in-app or visit the online version here.

2. Building Trust

Apart from capturing user suggestions regarding the development of the app, the Road Map platform is also designed to act as a trust-building tool. Suggestions received from users are uploaded to the page allowing you to get buy-in on your ideas from your peers. There is a poll for each suggestion in which all users can participate and the results are there for everyone to see. Such transparency underlines the philosophy of adhering to the strictest ethical practices and building trust which drive the JauntFix team’s exploits.

JauntFix Suggestions From Other Users

3. App Development Announcements

The Road Map also acts as a platform where the JauntFix team can announce release dates of upcoming updates to the travel app. The information always covers features that are to be added with the update and any bugs that are going to fixed. This empowers users by letting them know what they are getting when they download and install the update when it is released.

JauntFix App Development Announcements

4. Drive Increased Profitability

Whether it’s a holiday product supplier, middlemen, or even a country, JaunFix’s ultimate goal is to drive better profitability by putting crucial information at their fingertips and allowing direct and more targeted access to holiday product buyers. Players in the travel industry can afford to get creative to come up with unique holiday packages and other products and services. They can also benefit from being free of the clutches of big aggregators. Travelers indicate their countries of interest when they open their accounts on JauntFix allowing suppliers to achieve better targeting with their marketing initiatives.

Drive Increased Profitability

5. Cost-Effective & Fresh Holiday Ideas

JauntFix also seeks to deliver unmatched benefits to travelers by giving them access to other travelers’ experiences and an unlimited choice when it comes to fresh holiday ideas and products. Travelers can expect to shop from an increasingly wiser pool of travel products from across the world as more and more suppliers come onboard. They can also expect to enjoy cost-effective holiday deals owing to the ability to negotiate and strike an agreement directly with the suppliers.

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Last Word

JauntFix App is uniquely positioned to fill the void that existed in the marketplace for travel products. Travelers and suppliers of travel products can easily download and instal the app from Google Play Store or App Store. Opening an account only takes a few minutes with the initial information required being your phone number and email address after which you will be requested to complete your profile which contains information such as your countries of interest. The journey has just started for JauntFix and a lot more improvements are on the cards to create superior user-experiences. You can Submit Your Suggestions concerning improving the JauntFix app or get in touch with us by filling out our Contact Form to get answers to all your questions. Welcome to the new way of buying and selling travel products without geographical or big aggregator restrictions!