Why Hoteliers Should Move to the JauntFix World

The Hotel Distribution System has seen a healthy dose of monopoly activity, with a couple of players extending APIs to all the popular Online Travel Agents. This configuration, while a heaven-sent for big consolidators, has worked to the detriment of the vast majority of players in the industry who have to contend with a major obstacle. The stranglehold on the whole distribution channel by big consolidators has gifted them with the power to control the pricing of hotels. For a long time, there has been a palpable need to come up with an alternative distribution channel that would level the playing field and give industry players such as hoteliers the power to determine their prices and connect directly with buyers of their products. JauntFix has emerged to fill the void and give hoteliers a well-oiled platform to connect with buyers and even other industry players such as travel agents. Here is a look at some of the notable reasons why hoteliers need to move to JaunFix. Read on.

Direct Link with Travellers

JauntFix is a Social Travel App that brings together sellers and buyers of travel products such as hotel deals, car hire, and recreational activities. The ability to connect directly with travelers comes with several benefits to players such as hoteliers. These include:

  • Marketing your deals directly to buyers and closing deals through a chat facility.
  • Having full control of pricing.
  • Improved profitability by eliminating big consolidators and other middlemen.
  • Facility to search for travelers based on their countries and activities of interest.
  • Platform to establish and grow your network.
  • Gives you the power to be innovative when it comes to new products.

Fertile Ground for Growth

JauntFix helps hoteliers grow their business and profitability in a number of ways that were hardly possible before. This is owing to direct access to buyers and other players as well as an abundance of market intelligence. As a social travel app, JauntFix allows travelers to share their experiences in the form of blogs, pictures, and videos. This represents an abundance of market intelligence as hoteliers can craft their products based on inputs from such information. The sharing of experiences by travelers also represents a potent marketing tool in the form of ‘word of mouth’ advertising. People tend to trust peer referrals and most turn to reviews to tap into the experiences of others.

Takes Full Advantage of Technology

The JauntFix app harnesses the full power of the internet and the popularity of smartphones. Hoteliers can grow their networks by reaching out to travelers through different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp and invite them to be part of your network on JauntFix. Apart from reaching out to travelers, the app allows you easy access to other industry players. In the age of the smartphone, the app represents a great way to deliver your products and other information to increasingly demanding travelers. They can interact with the app with unmatched convenience whether at home, work or on the go. According to Statista.com, there are approximately 2.71 Billion smartphone users in the world today and the number is expected to reach 2.87 Billion by 2020. A significant portion of this figure represents a lucrative market waiting to be tapped by gaining direct access through JauntFix.

Other Benefits:

  • JauntFix gives you unfettered access to world markets. This makes it possible to grow your business and get market intelligence to customize products that drive your efforts.
  • JauntFix is free for download to both sellers and buyers of travel packages. This helps players such as hoteliers to significantly bring down marketing costs. They can market available products, share posts, images, banners, and videos.
  • Deals can be concluded in real time via chat as the app does not feature a billing facility.
  • It sends travelers regular feeds of your products to qualified potential customers.
  • You can target travelers that are interested in visiting the attractions or partaking in activities that are found in your location. Through your networks with other players, you can craft all-inclusive packages.
  • You can rest assured that word is indeed going out to your target market, unlike the uncertainty that can arise when dealing with agents.
  • JauntFix also features a global search option that allows users to search for any text such as hashtag, username, and a host of other information. This makes it easy to maximize on the leads that you get by crafting your marketing material in line with available market intelligence.

Take Away

The world is increasingly connected while the need to provide adequate, timely, and accurate information on the right platforms has never been more important. Hoteliers seeking to claim their share of the market or grow their business can count on the unmatched interactivity to exchange ideas and receive valuable feedback for their product development. The JaunFix team is continuously working to improve the functionality and tools available to players such as hoteliers. We value all inputs from travel product suppliers as we seek to enhance the groundbreaking app and ensure that it exceeds your expectations and continue to adapt to changing needs and market dynamics.  The app has already reached 20,000 users and counting, which is why you must secure a place and lay a solid foundation today. Download the app today for free on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and start growing your market. You can also get answers to all your questions by simply filling out our Contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Be an early bird and get ahead of your competition!