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Release Dates - 10 July 2019

Feature Added

Profile Sharing: User can share their profile to friends on other social applications.

Post Sharing from JauntFix: User can also share JauntFix post on other social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Post Sharing from Other Social Apps: User can share any posts from other social apps to JauntFix.

Documents Sharing in Chat: User can share any Doc, PDF, Image, Video and other files through chat.

Read OTP from the Device: Users can automatically read OTP from SMS.

Stretching Profile Photo: Profile photo is stretching when image is not in square dimension. It should be fixed.


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The app is going to be user-driven. The user’s experience is very important to improve the features of the app. You can share your valuable suggestions below by filling out the details.

Suggestions from other users

JauntFix Id

Try to add tourist destinations for all the countries in JauntFix to make it easy for Travelers to choose the specific destination of any country.


Travel Suppliers and Travelers profile can be extended with more information like Total experience in the travel industry, serving destinations, certifications, etc.


You can give a separate option to Travel Suppliers to upload the Itineraries. So, they can promote their products with best followed itineraries.